Side Projects

These are projects that are either limited scope prototypes (like game jams) or ones that show off my other creative skills and interests!!

Pizza Panic!
March, 2019
Deliver pizzas as fast as possible to raise $100 before sundown for your friend's birthday tomorrow! My entry for Ludum Dare 45.
SigEp Wars: Escape from Jakku
April, 2017
A Vive VR experience based on the Jakku dogfight scene from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Built as part of Sigma Phi Epsilon's booth for CMU Spring Carnival 2017.
Don't Need Wings to be Fly
May, 2017
A 3D animation of two kiwis duking it out with motion captured dance moves, created for CMU's Experimental Animation class.
Island Exploration
December, 2016
An HTC Vive research project to develop a new way for users to explore a virtual space larger than their physical space.
Workfam Co.
October, 2017
Workfam Co. is a short 5-minute HTC Vive narrative that plays on the expectations of a typical VR story. It starts out as an ordinary office experience, but players will quickly learn that not all is as it seems...
Move Your Feet Music Video
November, 2017
This fan music video for Junior Senior's "Move Your Feet" was created as the final project for Visual Story, Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center's introductory filmmaking class.
VR Sleep Paralysis
November, 2017
A 360 VR video where the viewer experiences first-hand the phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis. Created for CMU's Visual Story class.
Shota-ing Stars
March, 2017
A fun video that I made to make my own Shooting Stars meme based on my friend Shota dancing.
February, 2017
A short stop-motion project about a girl who tames the ocean with mysterious abilities.
Legends of the Hidden Temple
April, 2016
A game show experience based on the television show, Legends of the Hidden Temple. Built as part of Sigma Phi Epsilon's booth for the CMU Spring Carnival 2016.
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