Role: Python Game Programmer
Tools Used: Raspberry Pi, Python
Collaborators: Kevin Karol
Awards: 2nd Place, Fraternity Division, Carnegie Mellon Spring Carnival 2016
The experience that Kevin and I wanted players to get out of this game was the feeling of actually being on a game show. While the exact game we created was never featured on the actual Legends of the Hidden Temple show, the feeling of adrenaline and pressure to complete a task while under a timer is one that is incredibly common on any type of game show. Lots of flashing lights, blaring game music, and a system of cameras live-streaming players to a television in another room of the booth all added to this experience.
The game features six light-up animals and buttons, one that represents each of the 6 teams in Legends of the Hidden Temple. While the game is in session, these buttons will light up and it is the players' goal to hit as many of these lit buttons as they can in 60 seconds. Players can select one of two game modes: Child or Adult, where in Child mode only the lower three buttons will light up (as the higher buttons might be out of reach) and buttons will only ever light up one at a time, while in Adult mode all buttons are in play and will eventually will light up two at a time (both must be pressed simultaneously to count).

The trailer video for the SigEp Legends fo the Hidden Temple booth game

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