The "Move Your Feet" music video by Team Naked Burritos

Role: Actor, Director, Editor
Tools Used: Adobe Premiere CC
Collaborators: Apoorva Ramesh, Sijie Ren, Howard Won, Yidi Zhu
This fan music video for Junior Senior's Don't Stop the Beat was created as the final project for Visual Story, Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center's introductory filmmaking class.
Our studio (team) name for the semester was "Naked Burritos," so many people in the class expected that many of our team's projects would be comedic because of our name and intro. However, we never made any videos like that until this one as the final "hurrah" for the class.
Since we chose a very upbeat song for the project, that is how I came up with the idea of a person using burritos to spread joy and solve people's problems. This was reminiscent of the non-sensical flash animations I used to grow up watching on YouTube or Newgrounds.
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