Ricardo Tucker

VR/AR Developer | Technical Artist

Pupil: Augmented Learning
Pupil: Augmented Learning is a 15-week research project to envision lessons in a future classroom by developing educational gesture-based AR prototypes and design framework documenting our process.
Unity | Oculus Rift, ZED Mini, Leap Motion
Digital Traces: Voice Profiling VR
A VR demo of CMU professor Rita Singh's voice profiling research that generates an estimated 3D model of a user's face after analyzing their recorded voice. This demo was showcased at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the New Champions conference in Tianjin, China.
Unity | Oculus Rift
Twilight Crisis
A Wiimote arcade shooter that takes 2 players on a journey to save Hyrule and the Twilight Realm! Built as part of Sigma Phi Epsilon's booth for CMU Spring Carnival 2018.
Unity | WiiMote Controllers
Body, My Body
A music video created for the Slowdanger song "Body, My Body" created using motion capture and point cloud data recording with Carnegie Mellon's Motion Capture Lab and Panoptic Studio.
OpenFrameworks | Kinect, Motion Capture
SigEp Wars: Escape from Jakku
A Vive VR experience based on the Jakku dogfight scene from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Built as part of Sigma Phi Epsilon's booth for CMU Spring Carnival 2017.
Unity | HTC Vive
Don't Need Wings to be Fly
A 3D animation of two kiwis duking it out with motion captured dance moves, created for CMU's Experimental Animation class.
Autodesk Maya | Motion Capture
Island Exploration
An HTC Vive research project to develop a new way for users to explore a virtual space larger than their physical space.
Unity | HTC Vive
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