Ricardo Tucker

AR/VR Gameplay Engineer | Technical Artist

To Be a Hero
To Be a Hero is a 3D monster-taming roguelike about a child learning to become their village's hero under the guidance of the previous hero's ghost. Befriend the creatures in the dungeon and use their abilities to further explore the dungeons and overcome obstacles!
Game Development
TikTok AR Filters
A collection of augmented reality effects I developed as an Interactive Engineer at TikTok
AR/VR|Tech Art
VestAid Game Suite
A collection of VR and mobile games made by Intelligent Automation, designed to gamify vestibular rehabilitation for soldiers with inner ear damage.
AR/VR|Game Development
Pupil: Augmented Learning
A 15-week research project to envision lessons in a future classroom by developing educational gesture-based AR prototypes and design framework documenting our process.
AR/VR|Tech Art
Kaleidoscope: A Multicultural Mosaic
An interactive installation designed for Carnegie Mellon's Askwith Kenner Global Languages and Cultures Room that explores cultural awareness and competency through use of volumetric depth capture and data visualization techniques.
Tech Art
Skull Shaman Attack VFX
A self-driven study to create stylized attack VFX thematically linked to a specific character design and learn Unreal's particle and material editor tools.
Game Development|Tech Art
Third Eye Awakening Lens
A custom lens created with Snapchat Lens Studio where users can open their "third eye" and achieve true enlightenment with fun music and screen effects.
Snapchat Lens Studio
Digital Traces: Voice Profiling VR
A VR demo of CMU professor Rita Singh's voice profiling research that generates an estimated 3D model of a user's face after analyzing their recorded voice. This demo was showcased at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the New Champions conference in Tianjin, China.
Twilight Crisis
A Wiimote arcade shooter that takes 2 players on a journey to save Hyrule and the Twilight Realm! Built as part of Sigma Phi Epsilon's booth for CMU Spring Carnival 2018.
Game Development
Body, My Body
A music video created for the Slowdanger song "Body, My Body" created using motion capture and point cloud data recording with Carnegie Mellon's Motion Capture Lab and Panoptic Studio.
Tech Art
SigEp Wars: Escape from Jakku
A Vive VR experience based on the Jakku dogfight scene from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Built as part of Sigma Phi Epsilon's booth for CMU Spring Carnival 2017.
AR/VR|Game Development
Don't Need Wings to be Fly
A 3D animation of two kiwis duking it out with motion captured dance moves, created for CMU's Experimental Animation class.
Tech Art
Island Exploration
An HTC Vive research project to develop a new way for users to explore a virtual space larger than their physical space.
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