Fast Focus
Fast Focus is a mobile racing game built into Intelligent Automation's VestAid app as a way for patients to spend their in-app rewards for performing their daily therapeutic exercises. Patients earn coins based on the quality of their exercise for the day, which they can spend to purchase upgrades in the car parts shops to improve their cars! The tracks in the game were designed in collaboration with doctors at the University of Pittsburgh to also provide saccadic therapeutic benefit by driving through them.
1. Designed and implemented the game's save/load functionality. for the game, serializing the player's specific car customizations, game progress & unlockables, and settings to JSON to store locally and on Intelligent Automation's servers, as well as loading the information back in at runtime when the game is opened again.
2. Engineered the dynamic shop + car customization UI, built at runtime using the specific parts loaded from IAI's servers at the start of the game launch (allows for remote enabling/disabling of specific car parts).
3. Wrote the physics calculations for wheel rotations, turning, and car suspension while driving.
4. Authored a standalone REST client plugin to handle HTTP commands to/from our IAI servers (used for the save data loading in Fast Focus), and set up a company-wide NPM server for this plugin to be downloaded and reused in other IAI game projects.
Vestibularrr! is a VR tower defense game where players must protect their ocean village from invading pirates! Players use their head gaze to activate cannons (placed in a semi-circle around them) and target specific ships to shoot with their eye gaze. 
1. Wrote the cannon firing logic (using eye/head gaze) and created the firing animations and VFX.
2. Implemented the overall game progression logic.
Rhythmic Vision
Rhythmic Vision is a rhythm-based VR game where players use their eyes to shoot lasers at music notes in a Guitar Hero-esque gameplay. Players activate the orb in the middle of the scene with their head gaze (the direction their head is facing), and use their eye gaze to target specific notes coming down on the track, mimicking the saccadic eye movement prescribed in vestibular rehabilitation therapy.
1. Collaborated with doctors in the University of Pittsburgh to design the game mechanics.
2. Implemented the main head/eye gaze mechanics to shoot music notes.
3. Lightning orb and laser flames VFX.
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